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Ernie Haro became interested in the electrical field and found a job apprenticing for a local contractor Marty Hill in Visalia. For the next two years, he was emersed in residential installations where he learned his trade "hands on". 

These were exceptionally busy times, and Ernie found himself constantly on the go covering territories his new employer needed. Their housing projects were being built in Tulare, Hanford, Visalia, Porterville, and Danville California, and Ernie volunteered for everything his employer would throw his way. 

Two years later Ernie had an opportunity to expand his knowledge and work a little closer to home by taking a job with Al Vorst Electric. For the next two years, Ernie focused his apprenticeship on wiring new tract homes for companies like Mangano and Centex. 

In 2001, other well-known central valley contractors noticed Ernie's skills and his attention to detail, and Pavletich Electric in Bakersfield offered him a position to run the Visalia division. For the next three years, as a foreman with electricians under his watch, Ernie managed projects throughout Tulare County. Then in 2004 he took a job working for Souza Construction in Visalia and began bidding and running the new residential electrical division of his operation. 

In 2007, Ernie applied for his electrical contractor's license, and set out on his own. After founding Haro Electric, in Exeter, California, he began to build his name as he worked closely with customers and contractors where he saw the need for an honest and reliable electrical company.  Although focused on residential Ernie also picked up commercial projects, wiring restaurants, dentists offices, vet clinics and a gas station. 

Today Haro Electric is focused on its customer experience, making sure every customer or contractor gets above and beyond their expectations. We want to empower our customers with electrical solutions and bring exceptional service to their door. Individually and collectively bring light to your day. 


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