Jose Contreras


Pepe has been with Haro Electric the longest and has aquired all the skills to get your job done right. With a set of plans in his hand he can handle any project that comes his way. His drive to do the job right is the biggest reason for our success.

Alex Gonzalez


Alex is always bringing that positive energy to all our residential installations. If it's under a house or in an attic you can rest assure he will come through with the power. Always willing to learn new things in this trade and is up to any challenge that comes his way. The future looks bright for him.

Lee Ochoa


Lee joined the Haro Electric crew in 2020 with the pandemic at its worst. His optimism and attitude made him the perfect fit. He has proven that when times are tough he is the force that won't stop. He gives a 100% in everything he does and is always willing to learn more.

Ernie Haro


Ernie is the founder of Haro Electric. He has been in this trade over 20 years and loves it with a passion. He started off working for the big electrical contractors in town while mastering the trade. He has spent most of his career running electrical crews and the day to day for other companies, and for the last 15 years has laid the foundation for Haro Electric.