The Planing Mill

In the year 2017 we completed this beautiful project the Planing Mill. We tackled this job from start to finish. Supplied with a 1600 amp main service, it was designed to provide electrical service loads imaginable. The exposed electrical conduit complimented the rustic look of the building. It was one of the main feature points of the job. The expertise of our electricians was needed for housing through all those conduits was not just electrical but: all security, low voltage, cameras, sound, and HVAC wiring. The custom racking for all this was key to keep that clean look. Every drop had to be thought out and designed and kept in line with the others which made any additions a challenge! This restaurant had many challenges from each piece of equipment to each special light fixture with no room for mistakes. One of our nicest projects to date, this will stand out for years to come!